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mudassir ali
3 min readNov 17, 2020

The majority of graduates are looking for job security (money). The problem persists right from the beginning when he joins for a course. He is always fear of making money and has only a goal of getting a dream job upon his graduation. The basic requirements that a company is looking for are cognitive skills (aptitude, reasoning), functional skills (coding, problem-solving), soft skills. According to the National Employability Report, 50% of students lack soft skills, only a handful of 15–20% are efficient in their functional skills. It is because most of them concentrate on the grades and they stress less on improving their skills. In the year 2019, according to a Rediff article post, the above skills can be improved when they try to solve real-world problems as their projects, which results in improving their problem-solving skills, confidence in coding, cognitive skills, etc. Hence, the project is aimed at by improving student’s skills and selection of projects so they can have better chances of cracking product-based start-ups or companies purely based on their work experiences.

To solve the above problem, we built a platform for all those aspirants who can get a job based on past projects and necessary skills. The most important thing to notice is the authenticity of a project done by a particular student. To get hired by some reputed companies , a student has to possess certain types of skills necessary for respective companies and yes ofcourse each company will have their own set of technologies for their product.

Skill Hire

To develop these skills a student has to work on some related problems that a company is solving using their product. A user can do in some form of projects which helps them to think about problem and its various constraints as a result he can be already familiar with product building of respective companies.

We initially perform a first screening process where students skills are matched to job description and are shared with them to apply. During applying for a job post a user is prompted to select his own projects that are relevant to the job posts or company, and later the system verifies and shortlisted student’s details are shared with the hiring companies.

For the hiring companies the waiting time and the shortlisting process will be very smooth and simple. we can share students projects in detail information with the recruiter in form of GUI such that it is very helpful for then to know the right candidature of an student. Below are some UI/ UX mockup of our product.

Student Profile
Company Profile
Job Postings
Apply Job

Very soon, we will be releasing our first version of this product to gain potential feedback from our users. Also in future, we have also plans to implement peer feedback system for projects to improve the students skills.

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