Internship experience at DNEG

mudassir ali
3 min readMay 7, 2021


This blog is all about my 6-month internship experience at the DNEG company. Currently, this is my last semester, and for this semester, we are entitled to do an internship as part of our curriculum process and also to provide industry experience for the students.

About the company :

DNEG is a VFX media company headquartered in London. They mainly deal with creating VFX for movies, TV shows. Their main clients are Hollywood movies, and according to their reels mentioned on their website, they have worked on big-budget movies like DC and Marvel movies, Fast and furious, to name a few. They have their locations in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Montreal, Vancouver. Based on their high quality of work and VFX production, they received many Oscar awards for best VFX, and the latest winning was for the TV show. Now, they are looking to expand their VFX base into Indian movies and shows and are looking to hire fresh and young talent to meet their deadlines.

DNEG Showreel

So in the month of January, the DNEG company visited our college to hire interns for the Pipeline ATD position. Initially, there was a resume shortlisting, then shortlisted students had telephonic interviews with the manager. The students shortlisted from previous rounds had a final technical interview round. Finally, I was among the selects. We joined in the month of February.

Right from the first day, we were introduced to the VFX pipelines, tools, their mode of working, how they deliver projects, and all. I was a beginner in the VFX domain, and I know it as much as other common people do. So, initially, we went through a rigorous training process to know about each department, tools, Api’s to work on. since VFX is procedural in nature, each department is dependent on the previous dept to deliver their work, and being an ATD, we are responsible for knowing each process for assisting artists and also make some contribution in final deliverables.

Crowd Systems — Special Effects
Destruction — Special Effects

As weeks passed on, I feel confident in this VFX domain, as it is not only interesting or fascinating to work on different movies but also quite challenging to be creative, smart to match the director’s vision. The work culture is awesome here, and the projects they deal with the production companies are mind-blowing, as working on them and seeing our name on credits after the movie is quite an achievement in itself. Finally, to conclude, VFX is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world; as we can see in the past few years, the bars for the movies have been raised high by the fans/audience and to match with their standards, deliver accordingly with the director’s vision is a real achievement for the company and the individual. I feel lucky to have joined here and looked forward to contributing to their big-scale projects and simultaneously hone my skills.

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